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WP n°
WP Title
WP Leader
WP 1 NA1: ACTRIS Management and coordination
Gelsomina Pappalardo
WP 2 NA2: Remote sensing of vertical aerosol distribution UPC
Adolfo Comeron
WP 3 NA3: In-situ chemical, physical and optical properties of aerosols IFT
Alfred Wiedensohler
WP 4 NA4: Trace gases networking: Volatile organic carbon and nitrogen oxides EMPA
Stefan Reimann
WP 5
 NA5: Clouds and aerosol quality-controlled observations UREAD
 Anthony Illingworth
WP 6 NA6: Integration, outreach, and sustainability UHEL

Markku Kulmala
WP 7  TNA1: Access to CIAO CNR

Gelsomina Pappalardo
WP 8 TNA2: Access to PAL CNRS

Martial Haefflin
WP 9 TNA3: Access to MAIDO CNRS

Jean-Pierre Cammas
WP 10 TNA4: Access to SMR UHEL

Tuukka Petaja
WP 11 TNA5: Access to CESAR TUD

Herman Russchenberg
WP 12 TNA6: Access to JFJ PSI

Urs Baltensperger
WP 13 TNA7: Access to MHD NUIG
Colin O'Dowd
WP 14 TNA8: Access to AMO NERC
Eiko Nemitz
WP 15 TNA9: Access to FKL FORTH
Nikos Mihalopoulos
WP 16 TNA10: Access to HPB DWD
Christian Plaß-Dülmer
WP 17 TNA11: Access to RADO INOE
Nicoleta Nicolae Doina
WP 18 TNA12: Access to AERONET-EUROPE Calibration Service  CNRS /
Goloub Philippe /
Emilio Cuevas /
Victoria Cachorro
WP 19 SA1: The ACTRIS Service Centre: Access to observations and service products of the infrastructure NILU Cathrine Lund Myhre
WP 20 JRA1: Lidar and sunphotometer – Improved instruments, integrated observation strategies and algorithms for the retrieval of advanced aerosol microphysical products IFT Ulla Wandinger
WP 21 JRA2: Comprehensive gas phase and aerosol chemistry PSI Urs Baltensperger
WP 22 JRA3: A framework for cloud-aerosol interaction studies TUD Herman Russchenberg

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