NA1: ACTRIS Management and coordination
WP Leader: Gelsomina Pappalardo


  • To provide overall project management and coordination of ACTRIS.
  • To oversee the implementation of the project’s networking, joint research, and transnational access/service activities.
  • To ensure efficient scientific, technical, administrative, financial, and legal management of the project towards both, the European Commission and the Consortium.

Description of work

This WP will ensure an adequate management and coordination of ACTRIS in all scientific, technical, administrative, financial, and legal matters and the day-to-day management tasks. The specific tasks are summarized as follows: 

 Task 1.1
 Contractual, legal, and financial project management (CNR, CNRS)
WP1 will ensure that the tasks regarding accession to the contract are carried out in a timely manner. It will be responsible for maintaining the Consortium agreement in collaboration with the project partners. WP1 will be in charge of the financial and administrative management. It will manage the distribution of the Community financial contribution between the contractors and activities in accordance with the contract and the decisions taken by the consortium, and ensure that all the appropriate payments are made to contractors without unjustified delay. It will monitor the compliance by beneficiaries with their contractual obligations.
 Task 1.2   Project meetings (CNR, CNRS)
WP1 will control the communication flow within the Consortium by organizing progress meetings. It will chair the General Assembly and Executive Steering Committee and prepare the meetings, agendas, and draft the minutes.
 Task 1.3
 ACTRIS web portal (CNR, CNRS)
WP1 will be in charge of creating and maintaining the ACTRIS web portal. The web portal is aimed as a platform for information exchange to partners and associated partners, end users, the international science community, and the general public. In particular, it will contain information on the project and its activities, the descriptions of the ACTRIS infrastructures, information on on-going workshops/meetings, opportunities for transnational access and application procedures, and opportunities for the service activities to the data and calibration facilities.
It will furthermore include a password-protected area serving as internal platform for information exchange between the ACTRIS consortium members and associated partners and as internal document depository (official documents, workshop minutes, presentations, reporting material, etc.).
 Task 1.4  Organizing the TNA activity (CNRS, CNR)
WP1 will be in charge of organizing and managing the transnational access activities, including advertisement of access opportunities, preparing and publishing the call for TNA, organising the review and selection process in collaboration with the User Selection Panel, ensuring communication with the user groups, and collecting the TNA user reports and making them available through the ACTRIS web portal.





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