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The ACTRIS research infrastructure merges four measurement networks:
  1. The European Aerosol Research Lidar Network for remote sensing of the vertical aerosol distribution (EARLINET) which includes 27 lidar stations (Raman lidar stations, multi-wave Raman lidar stations, back-scatter raman lidar stations).
  2. The European Supersites for Atmospheric Aerosol research for in-situ measurements of chemical, physical and optical properties of aerosols (EUSAAR) including ground-based EUSAAR stations and contribution stations.
  3. A ground-based monitoring capacity for short-lived trace gases.
  4. A distributed infrastructure for clouds and aerosol quality-controlled observations with cloud profile sites.


ACTRIS sites reporting QA data to the ACTRIS Data Centre (June 2014)

The networks provide consistent datasets of observations which are made using state-of-the-art measurement technology and data processing. Many of the stations from the different networks are co-located with or close to remote sensing and in-situ instrumentation. The data is available through the ACTRIS data portal.

 Go to to access the latest map (updated automatically) with additional information about the ACTRIS sites and variables or download data from the ACTRIS Data Centre.

ACTRIS data users

Geographical distribution of data users of ACTRIS near surface data. There has been both downloading and plotting of data by more than 1900 unique users from 65 countries globally distributed. Most users are located in US (15%).
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