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Free Access:

TNA within ACTRIS is provided free of charge to selected user groups (researchers or research teams). Users refer to any scientific researcher, student, engineer, technician who needs the support of an advanced research station to carry out a scientific project in the ACTRIS context (remote sensing of the vertical aerosol distribution, measurements of the in-situ chemical, physical and optical properties of aerosols, measurements of atmospheric trace gases (VOC, NOxy), clouds and aerosol quality-controlled observations).
TNA may be requested to any of the 11 experimental stations. The support to users of the facility include:
  • administrative and logistical support (e.g., customs, transport)
  • free use of the infrastructure 
  • technical and scientific support
  • specific training 
To be eligible, the user group must satisfy the following conditions:
  • The project PI must be affiliated with an institution from an EU member, associated state, or candidate state (the participants may come from outside the EU if they do not represent the majority of users in the group)
  • The access must be transnational (i.e., the home country must be situated in another country as the host infrastructure).
  • The users must be entitled to publish the results from work carried out under the ACTRIS TNA activity.
Financial support might be granted to facilitate the TNA. It is provided to contribute to the travel and subsistence costs of the users and only available upon request. It is furthermore dependent on the availability of funding from the European Commission.

If financial support will be awarded, the payment of the grant will be paid after project completion and submission of all mandatory TNA report documents.

Application procedure:
The call for TNA is an open and continuous call and the proposals are accepted at any time and from any eligible researcher or research team (except for the case of specific calls with corresponding deadlines). You should download and complete the TNA proposal PDF form. It must be returned by email to the ACTRIS Coordination Office ( at least six weeks before the planned project start (or before the relevant deadline indicated in the case of a specific call).

Evaluation procedure:
  1. Incoming proposals are verified by the Coordination Office for formal compliance with the EU regulations.
  2. The proposals are sent to access provider of the selected infrastructure to confirm feasibility of the scientific project.
  3. The proposals are forwarded to an independent TNA selection panel for peer-review based on scientific merit. The TNA panel is composed of international members with strong expertise in the fields of aerosols, clouds, and trace gases. They evaluate and select the proposal according to clearly defined selection criteria.
  4. The applicant is informed of the final decision by the ACTRIS Coordination Office.
Selection criteria:
The TNA selection panel reviews the proposals with respect to the following criteria:
  • Originality and scientific quality
  • Interest to scientific community
  • Innovative and technical approach and effective use of infrastructure
  • Priority of new users (users who have not previously used the infrastructure or work in countries where no such research infrastructure exists)
  • Training benefit to young researchers or the expertise of the user group
User obligations:
Each group leader of the TNA project supported under ACTRIS is requested to provide appropriate documentation to the Coordination Office.  The documentation will allow justifing the nature and amount of access provided, including records of names, nationalities, and home institution of users as well as a summary of the scientific objectives and achievements.

The reimbursement of the financial support will not be initiated after submission of all necessary documentation.
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