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Each group leader of the TNA project supported under ACTRIS is requested to provide the following information to the Coordination Office (, once the experiment has come to end:

  1. Confirmation of Visit at the infrastructure: please download, complete, and sign the document. It must be countersigned and returned by the access provider of the infrastructure.
  2. TNA Activity Report describing the objectives, method, and preliminary results: please download the template and return the pdf file via web interface or by email.
  3. On-line TNA User Report: this information is mandatory participant information and requested by the EU for their TNA data base.
  4. On-line User Group Questionnaire: requested by the Commission for any TNA projects supported under an EC Research Infrastructure grant agreement to allow evaluating the Research Infrastructures Action, to monitor the individual grant agreements, and to improve the services provided to the scientific community.
Furthermore, any outcome (publications, presentations,…) resulting from work carried out under the ACTRIS TNA activity must acknowledge the project as follows:  “The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 262254.” Please use the web interface to communicate the references for publications.

Reimbursement of financial support
Any financial support to the users will be paid after project completion and submission of the above TNA documents. Note that the costs will be reimbursed through the host institution and will require proper justification of the expenses (e.g., travel ticket, receipts, etc.) according to the regulations applied to by the host institution. You may use this reimbursement request form (please contact the access provider for confirmation).
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